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Welcome to Elian cattery! My name is Alex Elian, Romanian/British and living in Bucharest, Romania. Married to Beverly, who is a WCF allbreed cat judge. We have three children: Becky, James and Charles, as well as two granddaughters, Clara and Emily. A little about Ragdolls: They are sweet, gentle and cheerful. Friendly, loving and eager to be with their family members. They are like dogs, greeting their family when they come home, following them around the house and curious to meet guests. They love to have anyone's undivided attention and care. I would not call them a 'lap cat' as they are fairly large but they are very content to be beside someone. We bought our first Ragdoll in 1998. His name was Smudge and we fell in love with him. It was not long after that we wanted to breed these wonderful cats and share the joy of Ragdolls. We bought our first two females in 1999 and never looked back. Over the last twenty years we have strived to have the best examples of the Ragdoll breed, in terms of temperament, health and beauty. Over the years, the hobby has become a passion, we have started a very successful cat club, organise cat shows, my wife is an international all breed judge and i have been a member of the WCF executive board. We have had World Champions, Best of Breed titles, World Champion Titles . We breed for type, health and temperament, All parents are tested genetically for PKD and HCM. Every kitten born in our home is loved and we want their new owner to feel the same way. I support each family who chooses one of my kittens and lets them know they are a part of our extended family. I always loved having animals in my home but did not comprehend the amount of work involved in breeding. Breeding is a hobby that is both time consuming and expensive. All of the money received for my kittens goes right back into the food, cosmetics, veterinary care and showing

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